JamCamera (JamCam for short) is a new app designed for iOS 7 that makes it easy to add music to your videos without ever using video editing software. Have you ever opened your camera app with music playing, and wished it would keep on playing? Here comes JamCam to the rescue!


Record video,
but don't stop the music.

It's happened to all of us.

You're listening to a song on your iPhone,
and the music just seems to match the moment perfectly.
You open up your video recording app of choice, but annoyingly,

the music stops.

JamCam loves music.

With JamCam, not only does the music keep on playing,
but your music will be recorded alongside the video you shoot,
making an instant music video you can share with the world.


Get some music playing. If music's already playing,
just open up the app and you're set. You can fine-tune
the music's timing in the app to get your video just right.


Record. You can pause and resume recording,
like in Vine. Videos are up to 15s long, like in
Instagram. Just enough time to make a 4-bar loop.


Share it with the JamCam community, and with the
world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or with a
link over Email or Text.

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